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Bremen, Kentucky (Wednesday, February 5, 2014): As the 48th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing approaches, 16-year-old Hunter Baize and VanDoorn Racing Development with three-time ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion. Johnny VanDoorn and three-time CRA Championship Winning Crew Chief, Butch VanDoorn are inside final preparations before making the trip down to New Smyrna Speedway (FL) to compete for the 2014 Pro Late Models Speedweeks title.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Florida Speedweeks To Kick Off 2014 Racing Season For Hunter Baize RacingHBR_-_News/Entries/2014/2/7_Florida_Speedweeks_To_Kick_Off_2014_Racing_Season_For_Hunter_Baize_Racing.html

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Driver Hunter Baize leaning against his #13 Kawasaki Ford waiting for qualifying to begin at Winchester Speedway (MI).HBR_-_News/Entries/2013/2/15_HBR_Competing_in_World_Series_of_Asphalt_Stock_Car_Racing_in_New_Smyrna_Beach,_FL.html
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Saturday, 2/22/2014: Qualified 8th; Finished 15th.

Friday, 2/21/2014: Qualified 6th; Finished 6th.

Thursday, 2/20/2014: Started 7th, Running 4th and was forced off track by officials for cosmetic damage; Finished 15th.

Wednesday, 2/19/2014: 1st fastest in practice; Started 15th; Finished 5th

Tuesday, 2/18/2014: Off Day

Monday, 2/17/2014: 2nd fastest in practice; Qualified 8th; Finished 7th.

Sunday, 2/16/2014: Off Day

Saturday, 2/15/2014: Started 12th; Running 7th and was spun; Finished 23rd.

Friday, 2/14/2014: Started 10th; Finished 8th.

Thursday, 2/13/2014: Practice Day: Finished 6th fastest in practice.

Breakdown: 48th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car RacingHBR_-_News/Entries/2014/2/7_Florida_Speedweeks_To_Kick_Off_2014_Racing_Season_For_Hunter_Baize_Racing.html

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Stats: 5th in points, 4 Top 10s

Success At Florida Speedweeks Readies Baize For 2014 JEGS/CRA All-Star TourHBR_-_News/Entries/2014/2/26_Success_At_Florida_Speedweeks_Readies_Baize_For_2014_JEGS_CRA_All-Star_Tour.html
Bremen, Kentucky (Wednesday, February 26, 2014): The goal for 16-year-old Hunter Baize and VanDoorn Racing Development by racing during Florida Speedweeks with three-time CRA Championship Winning Crew Chief, Butch VanDoorn and three-time ARCA/CRA Super Series Champion, Johnny VanDoorn, who served as Baize's Driver Coach and Spotter, was to get valuable seat time and more importantly, to gel with his new team. Despite some expected ups and downs, both Baize and the VanDoorn's were very happy with the results and now look ahead to the rest of the season. 
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